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Apostle Philip

Apostle Dr. Olawale Philip ‘Orijajogun’ Ilesanmi was born in Ondo, Nigeria. From birth, he could not stand on his own or walk. At the tender age of three, his family tried to discard him because of this. However, God had bigger plans for him. At six years old, he experienced the power of God and God completely healed him, restoring him to the ability to walk.

Despite experiencing a miracle from God, he did many bad things, such as stealing, getting into fights, and following idols, which brought him great misery. He moved to Lagos and once he arrived there, someone gave him the cassette of Pastor W.F. Kumuyi of “The Deeper Life” church. The message was called “Holiness.” After listening to the message, he gave his life to Christ.

Bishop Timothy A. Johnson of the Minnesota Church Ministries Association had the honor of ordaining Apostle Dr. Olawale Philip Orijajogun Ilesanmi and his wife, Rev. Prophetess Dr. Deborah O. Ilesanmi, in 2005. He ordained him as an Apostle and ordained his wife as Rev. prophetess.

God called him to be an Apostle of “The Mystery of Deliverance and Miracles.” Shortly after his ordination, many divers miracles started happening that launched him into many crusades. In one crusade in Kogi State, a particular demon disturbed the city by not allowing rain to fall for many years and caused a bush to burn continuously only at night. The Lord used him to chase out the demon that was affecting the city. Then the Lord told the Apostle to go there and pray for rain. He obeyed God and prayed. Immediately, the clouds changed, and there was a lot of rain.

People refer to him as the ‘Raw Apostle of Deliverance’ because of the many miracles he has done. He has healed the sightless so they could see, enabled the lame to walk, and traveled from one place to another, expelling the demons that had taken possession. He became known to many people when he delivered a woman who had been mentally unstable for 12 years. They had taken this woman from place to place, with no one that could help her. But with the divine touch from God through the Apostle, she received her healing.

Apostle Dr. Olawale Philip Orijajogun Ilesanmi is the founder and senior shepherd of The Call of Salvation and Deliverance Ministries. He has been preaching the gospel for over 24 years and serving as an Apostle for over 18 years. He has conducted many revivals in different churches, different states in Nigeria, and in the United States of America with testified miracles and deliverances through the power of God.

He is also the author of several books. His first book, “Why Deliverance Tarry,” his second book, “My Journey through the Cross,” and his third book, “The Sin of Our Four Fathers” have all received praise from religious leaders nationally and internationally. The books are just a small account of the many trials and tribulations he has endured and the many blessings and victories he has received.

Apostle Dr. Olawale Philip Orijajogun Ilesanmi is a devoted husband, father, and Apostle. He lives in Maryland. He is happily married to his chief intercessor and co-laborer, her excellency Rev. Prophetess Dr. Funmilayo Deborah O. Ilesanmi, for over 24 years with three children who are also servants of the Lord.

Apostle Dr. Olawale Philip Orijajogun Ilesanmi