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About Us

Read how God built us and the story behind our church.

Mission & Vision

The uniqueness of this church is in the visions God gave her to pursue. The vision of a man is the reason for his existence, a man who doesn’t know or understand his vision (for God did not send anyone to this world without a purpose) will be living another man’s life. There were some good churches around before God commissioned this church, and as much as they are there, if they are already fulfilling what this church is sent for, then God would not have founded this church. When he was called and was sent to start this church, God gave three visions to be pursued by this church to the apostle. These have provided direction for the church, and they are made personal by each church member.

About the Church

Call of Salvation and Deliverance is a church settled in the state of Maryland. We are a kind of church that does not use any enticing Words when we minister. Rather, we rely fully on the Power of the Holy Spirit. The story of CSDM is like the Parable of the Mustard Seed—it looks insignificant when planted, but becomes great when it grows up and provides comfort for many. The first service was held on Sunday, February 6, 2000 with a total attendance of 4. The 4 comprises 2 ministers (the G.O. and his wife) and 2 members who happened to be children and were twin sisters. The location was the one-room apartment of the G.O. at Apaola, a water logged area of Ikosi in Ketu, Lagos.

From then, the Lord has taken His church to a new and higher level from time to time and great is His doing in His church. The headquarter church is currently located at Onakoya Street, Ikosi Ketu Lagos. As of date, the church has 4 branches—1 in Kogi state, 1 in Lagos, 1 in Ogun state and 1 in Ondo state. The church also has a prayer mountain (Mount Carmel) in Ilaramokin Ondo State, Nigeria.